Arnold Press – Shoulder Workout.

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One of my favorites exercises to add up on my shoulder routine. I don’t go too heavy on this routine. The heaviest I go while doing this exercise is 45s. It’s not so much about the weight for me on this exercise but mostly about fatiguing my muscle and get as much blood in there as possible to stimulate growth while having the mind & body connection through every rep. I do Reps of 25 max and Sets of 4. You will be targeting your front deltoids on this exercise, remember to keep your core engaged in every rep. The motion should be controlled at all times, remember it’s not a race, focus on recruiting all muscle fibers and feel the burn!

Keep in mind that I am sharing the weight I use for extra information – If you would like to use heavier weights or less weight it’s your call. Remember that you know your body better than anyone else, the key is to maintain good form and selecting a weight that won’t harm your form and will cause you an injury. This exercise it’s an advanced routine with less rest periods, you will feel strong and energized throughout the routine but as you proceed with the rest of the sets you body will start to feeling fatigue and tired. You can start with heavy weight and decrease the weight also known as a drop set which works just fine as well.


Get More Information Advice for maximum results:

  • Keep your back flat against the pad – Make sure you’re not hunching forward will cause you back discomfort and will not be able to perform the exercise correctly.
  • The reps and sets its a personal routine of mine, if you cannot do the reps and sets I have pointed above, drop the reps and sets but no less than (3 sets).
  • This is a muscle strength work out – meaning it’s meant to stimulate muscle growth.
  • If you are planning to start with light weight, pick a weight that isn’t very light but challenging enough then slightly increase the weight for the last two sets of the routine.

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Train Hard & Smart.

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