Easy Bar Lateral Raise – Shoulder workout.

this content Easy Bar lateral raises.

One of my favorite shoulder exercises. You might be wondering hows it different from dumbbells? When you grab a dumbbell you have fully control of it. When you use an easy bar, you will have gravity on both sides of the bar. Your hand placement should be in the middle of the bar. When performing the lateral motion, the bar should be straight and not wiggling, meaning..You should be controlling the gravity. This is an Isolation movement to recruit as much muscle fibers and get those lateral deltoids to “POP.” Furthermore, keeping your core engaged at all times will help you maintain control of the bar and most important, your core will be getting a work out as well. I use the 20 pounds easy bar, trust me the weight isn’t a factor here when you’re doing reps of 20-25 and Sets of 4.

Both versions of doing it with Dumbbells and Easy Bar are perfectly fine to do – but if you want to try something new and challenging that will help you shock your body and help you stay on the momentum of progress, this is the exercise for you. I will be covering a variety of shoulder exercises for you all to try and incorporate into your training.


read the full info here Advice for maximum results:

  • Make sure you stretch and warm up before doing this exercise. It is an exercise that is intense for your body, but intense in a good way because you will be recruiting and targeting different muscles that you are not used to target with your typical shoulder exercises.
  • Pick a weight that it isn’t too light or too heavy yet challenging enough that you can get the desire reps while maintaining good form. It’s important that you forget about the weight you’re lifting but focusing on keeping sound form through each and every rep. If you cannot find a weight that you can do with good form, simply grab a resistance band and work your way up to the exercise.
  • The rest in between sets might be different for everyone, my recommendation is to keep it at 60 seconds max between sets, you don’t want the pump and blood flow to stop, keeping constant blood flow, pump and tension into the muscle will help you achieve muscle growth.
  • This exercise requires core engagement throughout being performed – Keeping your core will help you stay balanced and keeping the bar where it needs to be throughout every rep. Perform the exercise nice and easy and not rushing through it, feeling the desire muscle being worked through the sets.
  • This exercise is meant to be standing to focus on the core engagement and stabilizers.

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