Seated Dumbbell Press – Superset Shoulder Workout.

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Part of training shoulders and building them the way you want it’s training them in ways you haven’t trained them before. It is vital and important to incorporate new exercises that are going to benefit you and help you obtain the physique you would like. As a fitness professional, my goal is to challenge myself with every work out I do while making my journey enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Remember, If you keep doing what you’re doing you will keep getting what you’re getting. Seated Dumbbell press super set work out its a challenging one but it will give you the results you’re looking for. This type of work out it’s considered a muscle strength routine which its geared towards muscle building helping you stimulate growth and most of all help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, trimming down the weight and building up the muscle mass.

12 Advice for maximum results:

  • Make sure you perform a warm up set before beginning the exercise. A warm up set should be performed with lighter weight to get the muscles ready for the actual sets. The reps of the warm up should be a max of 20 at a slow pace range of motion, controlling each set and feeling the muscle getting warmed up.
  • After performing the warm up set – make sure you continue to stretch as you should have done that before starting the exercise. Once you’re ready to go, perform the first working set with moderate weight, remember you are doing two exercises at once (regular shoulder press and single arm shoulder press). Which it will be exhausting for the body and yet very challenging. You will be doing 5 sets total.
  • The rep range between the two different exercises being performed it’s 10 and 10. Meaning once you’re finished doing single arm shoulder press, 10 on each arm. You are doing 10 reps on regular shoulder press, with a total of 20 reps.
  • If you cannot go up weight anymore because you feel like its going to be challenging and not allowing you to perform it with good form, stick to the weight you are able to do with good form. Remember it’s not always about the weight, but doing the exercise properly to give you the best results.
  • Last but not least – The rest time between sets, it’s a challenging, demanding exercise. I would suggest that at least 60 seconds max between sets would be ideal to follow, if you haven’t done this type of exercises before – listen to your body and accommodate your rest time according by how you feel. If you are advanced, 60 seconds would be more than enough & of course, drink plenty of water between sets. Staying hydrated is the key for faster recovery.

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Train Hard & Smart.

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