T-Bar Rows – Beastly Back work out.

content T-Bar Row’s – A superset style routine for back.

Introducing you all one of my favorite routines for a great developed back – It is a routine that will help you develop a bigger, stronger and defined back. Super set training works great when you’re short on time and really want to take your body to the next level. For this type of exercise, it’s important to keep in mind to stretch and warm up before doing it – as it will recruit a lot of the fast twitch muscles that you typically and normally don’t target by doing a traditional back work out such as lat pull downs.

What makes this work out different than other work outs? T-Bar row’s and this one I am showing you all is unique because it’s a three variations work out – Meaning when done with one variation you will proceed to the next one and so on. It is challenging but will give you the desire results you’re looking for. I will discuss each variation down below – so please read carefully for each variation. Be sure to stretch and warm up before performing the exercise.

















go to this web-site Before doing the exercise – quick tips:

  • If you are doing the T-Bar row with a machine similar to the one I am performing the work out – Keep in mind that your feet should be planted on the ground – not on the feet pads on the back of the machine. Having the feet planted will allow you to engage more of your core.
  • Make sure your chest is against the pad of the machine – this will allow you to not hunch and arching your back, keeping your back straight it’s important to avoid injuries and most important – targeting the muscle group without compensating other body parts that are not meant to be worked on this exercise.
  • Face forward in each rep, do not put your head down on this exercise as that will put pressure on your neck and cause you to have neck discomfort, keeping your face forward will ensure proper posture and avoid injuries.

Advice for maximum results for each variation:

  • Variation #1: For this exercise is having the palms of your hands facing down and using the outsides handles of the machines, this will target your rear deltoids and lats. Great exercise for back developments and wider width. You will be doing 20 reps for this variation.
  • Variation #2: For this particular variation you will be placing your hands as an underhand grip while also using the outside handles. When performing this variation you will notice that your biceps will be getting targeted – the primary muscle will be your back and the secondary will be the peak of your biceps. Keep your core engage through every rep of this exercise and squeeze at the top, this variation will also be targeting your rhomboids. You will be doing 15 reps for this variation.
  • Variation #3: You will be using the inner grips of the machine for this exercise and make sure that your hand placement looks like hammer curls, this will be targeting your rhomboids, lower back, biceps and forearms, which it’s an overall great upper body routine for maximum strength and muscle gain. You will be doing 10 reps for this variation.

Total sets for this exercise: 

  • 4 Sets total.

Incase of any questions and confusion throughout this exercise – leave your questions down below.

Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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