John Carter on Men’s Fitness Magazine.

buy inderal canada John Carter gracing March Issue 2013 of Men’s Fitness Magazine US.

It was a long time coming before this great moment happened in John’s Career – being able to shoot for a personal success story feature with one of the Best magazines in the World and within the Fitness Industry. It was December of 2012 when John received an email from the staff at Men’s Fitness from New York when they asked him if he was ready to shoot for a feature. Needless to say and without hesitation John replied “I am ready.” After going over critical information, the staff planned the feature to release during March Issue of 2013 launching on newsstands during the month of February. The issue and feature was shot by commercial and elite photographer Tommy Garcia at Equinox Fitness clubs in Los Angeles,CA. It was a full day of shooting while John performed a variety of work outs, head shots and simple commercial editorial shots for the magazine in which the assistant editors and photo coordinator was going to determined which shot would make it into the magazine.

What to expect from this issue? John talks about how he got started within the Fitness industry. He also shares his initial approach to living a healthier and better lifestyle and what was his training and nutrition like throughout his transformation. John also shares one of his favorites exercises routines for a well developed back. Furthermore, John also shares his passion towards fitness with a goal in mind to motivate, inspire and help others reach their fullest potential. You can read more on John’s success and story on the following link via Men’s Fitness Magazine.

go now Photography by Tommy Garcia

1. Rope exercise series.

























2. T-Bar Row Back exercise series.

























3. Editorial – Commercial series.

























March Issue 2013 – Men’s Fitness on Newsstands.




















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Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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Acai Berry Bowl – Super food.

Acai Berry Bowl & How to implement it into your lifestyle.

The well known acai and super food it’s one of my to go snacks packed with vital nutrients and benefits to help you maximize your results, increase your energy and block harmful organisms – I am sure you all have heard Acai berry and wondering whats so good about it and the benefits? I will get into that shortly but first I will discuss my thoughts on it and how I implement this power snack into my own personal lifestyle. As we all know, nutrition it’s important for us in the quest of achieving the body that we desire, normally when I am constantly on the go, out and about and don’t have much time to stop for food before my session, I include one of this power fruits into my regimen, typically happens before my work outs because I am in need of something that will give me the fuel and nutrients before my session – I cannot train empty stomach and I don’t think many should, food is our source of fuel and we need it for optimal energy and laser focus throughout the session.


The great benefits of the Acai berry bowl:

  • Heart Health: This power snack is full of antioxidants with helps to lower cholesterol in the blood stream. They are also of plant sterols which provides our body with the cardio protective to our cells, it also helps us prevents blood clots, blood circulation and relaxing the blood vessels.
  • Protection: The consumption of Acai Berry bowl helps you fight harmful organisms.
  • Weight Loss: This type of fruit is considered a super food, it will not only help you lose weight but also maintain a healthy weight.
  • Digestion: Taking Acai may also lead to aid in keeping our digestive system clean and in optimal function.
  • Reducing Irritation: The acai berry itself carries properties that may prevent the typical irritation associated with respiratory distress.
  • Mental Function: For the women who suffer from menopause, it is proven that acai berry will help them prevent mental imbalance
  • Boost of Energy: Lets rewind to the beginning of this blog post. I mentioned how having something to eat pre-work out will give you the energy and nutrients for an increase of energy, acai berry is proven to improve stamina and energy, it will help you prevent fatigue and exhaustion as well

You will be able to find acai berry at any of your super markets. The one I ordered above was purchased at my local gym – Most of the gyms are now having pre made acai bowls with fruits and granola which gives you more nutrients, increase of energy and a packed “meal” to give you the fuel needed before a session or during the day as a mid day snack.

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Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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Seated Dumbbell Press – Superset Shoulder Workout.

Seated Dumbbell Press.

Part of training shoulders and building them the way you want it’s training them in ways you haven’t trained them before. It is vital and important to incorporate new exercises that are going to benefit you and help you obtain the physique you would like. As a fitness professional, my goal is to challenge myself with every work out I do while making my journey enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Remember, If you keep doing what you’re doing you will keep getting what you’re getting. Seated Dumbbell press super set work out its a challenging one but it will give you the results you’re looking for. This type of work out it’s considered a muscle strength routine which its geared towards muscle building helping you stimulate growth and most of all help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, trimming down the weight and building up the muscle mass.


Advice for maximum results:

  • Make sure you perform a warm up set before beginning the exercise. A warm up set should be performed with lighter weight to get the muscles ready for the actual sets. The reps of the warm up should be a max of 20 at a slow pace range of motion, controlling each set and feeling the muscle getting warmed up.
  • After performing the warm up set – make sure you continue to stretch as you should have done that before starting the exercise. Once you’re ready to go, perform the first working set with moderate weight, remember you are doing two exercises at once (regular shoulder press and single arm shoulder press). Which it will be exhausting for the body and yet very challenging. You will be doing 5 sets total.
  • The rep range between the two different exercises being performed it’s 10 and 10. Meaning once you’re finished doing single arm shoulder press, 10 on each arm. You are doing 10 reps on regular shoulder press, with a total of 20 reps.
  • If you cannot go up weight anymore because you feel like its going to be challenging and not allowing you to perform it with good form, stick to the weight you are able to do with good form. Remember it’s not always about the weight, but doing the exercise properly to give you the best results.
  • Last but not least – The rest time between sets, it’s a challenging, demanding exercise. I would suggest that at least 60 seconds max between sets would be ideal to follow, if you haven’t done this type of exercises before – listen to your body and accommodate your rest time according by how you feel. If you are advanced, 60 seconds would be more than enough & of course, drink plenty of water between sets. Staying hydrated is the key for faster recovery.

Be sure to check the following links for more effective shoulder work outs.

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Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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Arnold Press – Shoulder Workout.

Shoulder Arnold Presses.

One of my favorites exercises to add up on my shoulder routine. I don’t go too heavy on this routine. The heaviest I go while doing this exercise is 45s. It’s not so much about the weight for me on this exercise but mostly about fatiguing my muscle and get as much blood in there as possible to stimulate growth while having the mind & body connection through every rep. I do Reps of 25 max and Sets of 4. You will be targeting your front deltoids on this exercise, remember to keep your core engaged in every rep. The motion should be controlled at all times, remember it’s not a race, focus on recruiting all muscle fibers and feel the burn!

Keep in mind that I am sharing the weight I use for extra information – If you would like to use heavier weights or less weight it’s your call. Remember that you know your body better than anyone else, the key is to maintain good form and selecting a weight that won’t harm your form and will cause you an injury. This exercise it’s an advanced routine with less rest periods, you will feel strong and energized throughout the routine but as you proceed with the rest of the sets you body will start to feeling fatigue and tired. You can start with heavy weight and decrease the weight also known as a drop set which works just fine as well.


Advice for maximum results:

  • Keep your back flat against the pad – Make sure you’re not hunching forward will cause you back discomfort and will not be able to perform the exercise correctly.
  • The reps and sets its a personal routine of mine, if you cannot do the reps and sets I have pointed above, drop the reps and sets but no less than (3 sets).
  • This is a muscle strength work out – meaning it’s meant to stimulate muscle growth.
  • If you are planning to start with light weight, pick a weight that isn’t very light but challenging enough then slightly increase the weight for the last two sets of the routine.

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Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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Easy Bar Lateral Raise – Shoulder workout.

Easy Bar lateral raises.

One of my favorite shoulder exercises. You might be wondering hows it different from dumbbells? When you grab a dumbbell you have fully control of it. When you use an easy bar, you will have gravity on both sides of the bar. Your hand placement should be in the middle of the bar. When performing the lateral motion, the bar should be straight and not wiggling, meaning..You should be controlling the gravity. This is an Isolation movement to recruit as much muscle fibers and get those lateral deltoids to “POP.” Furthermore, keeping your core engaged at all times will help you maintain control of the bar and most important, your core will be getting a work out as well. I use the 20 pounds easy bar, trust me the weight isn’t a factor here when you’re doing reps of 20-25 and Sets of 4.

Both versions of doing it with Dumbbells and Easy Bar are perfectly fine to do – but if you want to try something new and challenging that will help you shock your body and help you stay on the momentum of progress, this is the exercise for you. I will be covering a variety of shoulder exercises for you all to try and incorporate into your training.


Advice for maximum results:

  • Make sure you stretch and warm up before doing this exercise. It is an exercise that is intense for your body, but intense in a good way because you will be recruiting and targeting different muscles that you are not used to target with your typical shoulder exercises.
  • Pick a weight that it isn’t too light or too heavy yet challenging enough that you can get the desire reps while maintaining good form. It’s important that you forget about the weight you’re lifting but focusing on keeping sound form through each and every rep. If you cannot find a weight that you can do with good form, simply grab a resistance band and work your way up to the exercise.
  • The rest in between sets might be different for everyone, my recommendation is to keep it at 60 seconds max between sets, you don’t want the pump and blood flow to stop, keeping constant blood flow, pump and tension into the muscle will help you achieve muscle growth.
  • This exercise requires core engagement throughout being performed – Keeping your core will help you stay balanced and keeping the bar where it needs to be throughout every rep. Perform the exercise nice and easy and not rushing through it, feeling the desire muscle being worked through the sets.
  • This exercise is meant to be standing to focus on the core engagement and stabilizers.

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Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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Bodyweight Chest Workout – Warm up.

Bodyweight Chest workout – Warm up.

Bodyweight movements are always an incredible way to shock your body when you’re used to training with weights on a daily bases, my first advice is that variety to your training will always bring you great results. Keeping your body guessing it’s the key to avoid hitting the wall of plateau. Chest is one of my favorite body parts to train and before I train it with weights – I usually incorporate a few body weight movements to get the blood flow going through my body and avoid  any injuries throughout my work out.

Keep in mind that this warm up it’s an advanced routine so if you feel like you cannot do it – don’t hesitate to work your way up to it. However; if you still would like to try it, my first advice is to reduce the reps from the ones I recommended, you will eventually be able to do it and your strength will increase.

Lets begin:

If you are looking for a Great warm up before you start pumping some chest, I’d highly recommend doing this warm up. It is intense, challenging but it will definitely get your blood flowing through your body, from lower to your entire upper body. I start up with Plyo-push ups. I start up by doing 20 Wide Push ups, 20 Regulars and 20 Diamond push ups. I do 2 sets of those after stretching,etc. If you cannot do 20, I would recommend 10 to start up. As you get stronger, build endurance & strength you will be able to work your way up on the reps. You will be resting 30-60 seconds between sets.


Advice for maximum results:

  • Listen to your body. If the work out is too challenging for you, please don’t do it and be in risk of injuries. You can start by doing regular push ups and a low number of reps until you feel ready to increase the reps.
  • Make sure you stretch and warm up before doing the exercises, it is extremely important to stretch before doing this because it still requires a lot of you upper and lower body wise – It’s not easy, so keep in mind that stretching and warming up it’s important.
  • Make sure that the Plyo-box it’s stable and doesn’t move around, remember you will have your feet up on it and avoiding movement from it will help you stay balanced during the work out. What happens if the plyo-box isn’t stable? You will be in risk of injuries, causing your body to be out of balance and not doing the exercise properly, remember keeping good solid form is vital for maximum results and avoiding injuries.
  • Make sure you take the necessary amount of rest between sets. If you cannot rest for the amount of time I indicated, just do the exercise when you feel ready to do it again. Resting will ensure that you will be able to do the next set with solid form and targeting the rep range you desire.
  • Sets & Reps: 1 set of Wide push ups, 1 set of Regular push ups, 1 Set of Diamond push ups. (Reps are subject to change depending your fitness level)

Incase of any questions and confusion throughout this exercise – leave your questions down below.

Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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Supersetting Q&A.

Supersetting Q&A

If you missed Part 1 of Supersets – Be sure to visit the following link for the training strategies to maximize your results.

As with many training strategies, when it comes to super sets, people have a long list of questions. Let’s shift our focus to answering some of the more popular questions associated with this style of training.

How many sets, reps and exercises per routine? This is the most common question related to supersets and the answer is critical for your training. You should be doing at least four “sets” with the reps varying depending on your desired weight. If you are focusing on heavy weight, you should be doing eight reps; if you focus on lifting light weight, go for 15-20 reps. Last but not least, you are looking to do six different supersets throughout your routine, dependent upon the body part you wish to train that particular day.

How much rest time between sets? As I mentioned earlier, super-setting is a great way to make your workouts quick and effective. As soon as you are done the first exercise move right into to the next exercise. After finishing both exercises for that particular set, you can rest one to two minutes, then move on to your next set. The less rest the better, because it keeps the blood flowing and maximizes your pump. This will help take your results to another level.

Weight management; heavy weight or light weight? Weight management is very important to keep in mind because supersetting requires a lot of intensity and strength, as you will be doing two exercises per set, back to back. My first piece of advice is that if this is your first time doing super sets, focus on lifting lighter weight. Remember, a lot of weight isn’t always better; focus on your technique, then gradually move up on weight. Remember, your form is important when it comes to avoiding any injuries!

What muscle groups should I target? When doing superset training you can combine a variety of muscle groups together, or just train one body part on that particular day. If you wish to train two body parts in one day, you can focus on what are called antagonist supersets, which consist of the pairing of two opposite muscle groups; for example, the biceps and triceps, chest and back or quads and hamstrings.

Heavy vs. Light Super Sets: You might be wondering, do I lift heavy or do I lift light when super-setting? That’s a personal choice and really depends on the goal that you might have at the moment; be it either gaining size or obtaining solid definition. Remember, with this method both of those factors can be obtainable; however, if you focus on lifting light weight with high reps you are mostly focusing on building muscular endurance instead of activating the muscle for maximum muscle growth. If you are looking for muscle growth and size, you should keep the reps low and the sets high (reps of six to eight and sets of five.)

In conclusion, with this style of training results will come quicker, your time at the gym will be better spent, you will have fun and you will get great results. Most of all, if you are in a rush and need to train, this is the workout that will help you train effectively in the shortest amount of time. Remember, train smart, train hard and never give up!

John Carter

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5 Intensity Techniques That Will Maximize Your Time In The Gym.

5 Intensity Techniques That Will Maximize Your Time In The Gym

Working out can be fun for those who know all the different ways to train to make workouts short, sweet and effective. But, the most important thing to know is which workouts will benefit you the most and help you obtain the body of your dreams. Some trainers have the tendency to stick to a certain workout dynamic of exercising one muscle group per session, lifting heavy or light, or basically just going through the motions. Let me tell you this; if you are one of those people going through the motions during your workouts and sticking to ONE way of training, then most likely, the results you will achieve won’t be the ones you are looking for.

 The first thing to keep in mind is to change your workout routines daily to avoid hitting a plateau, which will prevent you from making improvements. Look at it as a new challenge, to make yourself better every day you step into the gym. Taking your body to that next level will have the great benefits of making you feel good, work harder, obtain results, and most of all, it will make your workouts FUN.

Supersetting is a great training strategy that will keep your visits to the gym short and fun. Most of all, this way of training will help you BUILD muscle. Basically, supersetting involves doing an exercise for a muscle group and then immediately following that up with another exercise for the same muscle group without any rest in between. A lot of intensity will be required from you to get through this type of training, as you will do more work in less time, building quality muscle mass in the process.

5 Common Types of Supersets: The five most common types of supersets are pre-exhaustion supersets, post-exhaustion supersets, compound supersets, isolation supersets and finally, staggered supersets.

Pre-Exhaustion Supersets: This method works great when you perform an isolation exercise, then move right into a compound movement. Your muscles will be extremely fatigued when you move into working the compound exercise. I recommend you start by using a lighter weight for the compound movement.

Post-Exhaustion Supersets: From working a compound movement to directly performing an isolation movement, the word PAIN will become evident immediately, as all the muscle fibers for that particular muscle group will be trashed from your compound movement. Post-exhaustion supersets are great for muscle growth and definition.

Compound Supersets: This is more of an advanced training method, as heavy weight is usually used during the exercises. Ideally, you move from one compound movement, directly into another compound type movement for the same body part. For example, you would focus on flat bench for your first set and then move right into incline bench. Keep in mind that compound supersets really tax the central nervous system and may led to over-training if used too frequently.

Isolation Supersets: Isolation supersets are great when you focus on one specific body part as a means to really carve some definition into the muscle by performing two isolation type movements back to back. Using triceps as an example, you would do triceps push-downs, followed immediately by single arm triceps push-downs with a cable handle.

Staggered Supersets: This method is the least “painful” out of the five methods because it consists of targeting completely unrelated muscle groups; for example, the biceps and the quads. You can do this to focus on “lagging” parts between your sets. However, do NOT combine this method with chest and triceps, back and biceps or chest and shoulders, because each muscle group in these examples is being worked indirectly.

If you are short on time or wanting to challenge yourself by taking your body to the next level – this methods of training covered will help you get to where you want to be.

John Carter

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Obtaining a proportional, symmetrical & lean physique.

Obtaining a proportional, symmetrical & lean physique.

On my first blog I posted about how to build quality muscle mass with the basic methods that will help you pack up on some weight. Now in this blog post, I will discuss what it takes to build a lean, proportial and symmetrical physique. When I decided it was time to transform my body, the first thing I said to myself was “I want to be symmetrical” from my lower body to my upper body.  From the moment I set that goal, I have focused on improving my physique and increasing my definition and overall symmetry.

Goal Setting: Goal setting is critical in your body transformation process. In this case, if your goal is to get shredded and be proportial, make it happen by doing what needs to be done in order to get you there. Setting goals helps you stay motivated, determinate and serves as a constant “reminder” that you will achieve that goal no matter what. Constant mind and body connection is crucial for reaching goals, of course, there might be days you don’t want to train or you are not feeling well…Don’t sweat it! It is ok and normal to take a day off to recoup and get back in the groove of your training. “Sweat, sacrifice and the quality of work you put in will determine your results.”

Training According to your plan: I am a strong believer that you must be creative and make your work outs effective and different. The more you shock your body with new routines, the better it will respond to what you put it through. Your body WILL advance by doing so.

Training Steps to lean out:

Step # 1 – Cardio: Cardio is essential in the process of fat loss, in order to reach your ideal weight. In this case, to start leaning out and seeing definition, cardiovascular training must be added into your daily routine, whether you like doing it or not. I will share with you what I do and how I manage my cardio during the week. I focus on doing it at least 4x’s out of the week, sometimes on an empty stomach or sometimes I take my Elite Recoup BCAA’S By Dymatize Nutrition throughout my cardio to stay hydrated and get the nutrients I need.

How should you do your cardio? Some people have the tedency to overdo their cardio and that’s what causes them to lose extreme muscle mass instead of retaining it. Please keep in mind that, “running” or uphill runs won’t benefit you in this process, the key is to hold onto muscle mass, while burning the “Extra fat” you carry.

Cardio Routine – Treadmill:

Minutes of cardio: 30 to 40 minutes. Start with 30 and Increase to 40 after a week
Speed and Inclination: 4.5 mph and 2 Incline. It will be a Medium Pace Walk. | Calories Estimated to burn: 230 – 250 calories.

Step # 2 – Light Weight & High Reps: This routine has been one of my favorite methods of training…it’s also called “Muscle Endurance”. This killer method will help you increase your stamina, heart rate and most important, overall definition. The advantage of this method is that you will be able to stimulate DEEP muscle fibers to grow and enhance definition and size.

– Sets & Reps: You will be performing 4 sets and on each set you will be doing a maximum of 15-20 reps. I usually increase my rep range to 25 max on my second to last set. In regards to the weight you are using, pick a weight that it isn’t too light nor too heavy, but rather, a weight that will challenge you and which you can perform the exercise properly in addition to completing all your sets and reps.

Step # 3 – Muscle Failure: This method consist of using light weights and doing a series of reps until you are unable to do them anymore. Keep in mind that warming up before this intense work out is crucial. This routine works for men AND women looking to increase definition.  The benefit of doing this type of work out is that you are fatiguing the muscle for growth and definition, as the human body is not used to taking it to exhaustion mode while training.

– Sets & Reps: You will be doing 3 sets per exercise. Keep in mind when performing this exercise, do not bother on counting how many reps you’re doing, rather your primary focus should be on contracting each rep to full potential and pushing yourself to the limit.

I hope this blog posting has been helpful to you and informative on how to start the process of achieving a lean, proportial and symmetrical physique.

John Carter

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Know what you are Training for – Have a vision.

In today’s blog I will be discussing about certain training routines and what can you do to take your body to the next level to reach your desire goal. The training you decide to do has to have a balance between different variations and key exercises that will help you improve your physique. They are plenty of exercises and methods of training that will help you reach the physique you would like but how you do them and when to add them into your training will make the difference.

Having a Vision: “Remember to train with a purpose. Don’t get to the gym and start wondering around thinking what type of exercises, sets and reps you are going to do. Don’t get distracted and focus on your Goal and what you want to achieve. Additional to your training, it is important to know what are you training for, weather it may be to put on some muscle mass, lose weight or just looking to maintain. It is important to know what you are doing before you step into the gym.”

A frequently asked question I’ve been getting lately:

Is it ok to train two body parts in one day or one body part? As a personal experience I always switch my ways of training because I like to challenge myself daily and implement new methods that will take me where I want to be. However, training two body parts or one body part a day falls into what your current goal is and how you manage your reps, sets and exercises. The breakdown of your routine it’s crucial, by breakdown I mean…Reps, sets, rest time between sets and the body part that you wish to train on that particular day. Also, keep in mind that some body parts take longer to develop than others, if you wish to train that particular area twice a week, you need to let that area recoup for at least 2-3 days max so you don’t exhaust the muscle and delay the results process.

The 4 Fitness components to add into your training:

– Muscle Endurance: Muscle endurance is the ability to contract a muscle many times. It’s also a great fitness training method that can help you get a great overall muscle density, for your lower body & upper body. It consists of using lightweight, but high reps between 15-20 and sets of 4.

– Muscle Strength: Muscle strength is one of the most used ways of training that can help you obtain muscle growth or as they call it “muscle mass” but what is excatly muscle strength means? When the body is put through an “overload” phase it’s making the body do more than it has done, the body will adapt to the training and your performance will improve throughout a week of doing this method of training. This method should be done with heavy weights, reps of 8-12 and sets of 5.

– Cardiovascular Training: Cardiovascular is another great important method of training that will help you loose the extra pounds that you are looking to drop. Cardiovascular endurance consists in the ability of the body activity, which also depends on the respiritory system to meet the energy demands of the body.

– Flexibility Training: Flexibly training is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when training, without flexibility we wouldn’t be able to perform all the important and major movements we do while we work out. Flexibility is the range of movement in the skeletal joint and most important to have proper alignment, posture and efficient movement.

Why is it so important to stay flexible? Maintaining proper joint flexibility will help you avoid any injuries and most important, joint injuries. When suddenly a body part has been stretched, the muscle fibers work in a tricky way that when the muscle has passed over a joint that is inflexible a tear can occur, you can avoid that by stretching before, in between sets and after your work out.

Fitness Tip: I hear about too many people training heavy on an empty stomach – It’s one thing to train cardio first thing in the morning for fat loss. When it comes to weight training, you should absolutely have some kind of pre-workout fuel – It’s essential for optimal energy, laser focus, adequate hydration and overall safety & workout performance!

I hope this blog posting has been helpful to you and informative on deciding what method of training you would like to do depending on your current fitness goal. Remember to switch your training, challenge yourself daily and have a vision of your work out and what you would like to get done before you step into the gym.

John Carter

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