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Today at John Carter Fitness we bring you something special from guest blogger Anne Carter from Plank to Pike Pilates but first, lets get to know her.


Anne started Pilates 10 years ago and fell in love with it right away! She then decided to do the Pilates Teacher Training Program with Balanced Body and after working several years at her mother’s studio in California she decided to create her own style and take it to the East Coast. She conducts her own teacher training program twice a year where she teaches her method to future Pilates Instructors.



Anne shares the following with us:

We all want a workout that can show results immediately. The sooner the better right? So, how fast do you see results with Pilates? We have seen amazing transformations with our clients after only four weeks of consistent exercise at least 3 times a week.

Now the question is, what changes can I expect to see in my body? Here are 5 major changes:

  • Posture – we tend to slouch even when we are trying not to. Every Pilates exercise involves your core and  given that this is the center of your body, there is no surprise that the stronger your core the better your posture.
  • Strength – reformer Pilates is amazing for making your workout more challenging based on the different string levels. This will allow you to advance and keep your workouts challenging and develop more strength.
  • Flexibility – stretching plays a big role in a Pilates class. Movements require you to stretch as you go, so every class you will feel more flexible as you progress.
  • Body Shape – having a ballerina body without actually knowing ballet is now achievable with Pilates. When Joseph Pilates created the method it was designed for ballet dancers, so that they would continue to develop lean and toned bodies.
  • Healing – we ususally spend a long time seating at our desks, so back pain is the common denominator in most working men and women. The beuty about the Pialtes method is that no matter what your injurie or body ache you have Pilates can help you heal it.

So, are you ready to start Pilates? We are convinced that this is a method that can help anyone improve their bodies and reach their itnes goals. Good luck and make sure you share with us your own personal trasnformation on the comments section.

Anne Carter
Founder and Mentor
Plank to Pike Pilates
Be sure to follow Plank to Pike on their Social media pages
Twitter: @PlanktoPike

Nutrition – How To Balance Your Food Intake While Being Out.

How To Balance Your Food Intake While Being Out.

As Health and Fitness enthusiast we all have a big concern at times when being out and wanting to eat something “Healthy and Clean” rather than stopping at a fast food restaurant and eat burgers, fries, onion rings and more. While it’s ok to have a cheat meal once a week it’s not ok to have a cheat meal every single day of the week. Remember nutrition is the foundation of everything and what you eat will reflect as the saying goes “You are what you eat” I am a strong believer that we all need to monitor our nutrition and make the necessary changes to continue on that momentum of progress but of course not restricting ourselves from the foods and treats we like to a point that when we finally have them we will over eat and indulge.


Fresh Corn Grill – Hollywood,CA!

Now that I have gotten that important factor out of the way, in Today’s blog I will be sharing with you how I manage my nutrition while being out and not wanting to eat fast food but something healthy and cleaner, geared towards Whole foods rather than fast food. Goal setting and knowing what you are training for is extremely important during this approach because when you remind yourself of your goals and what are you currently trying to achieve it will be a no brainer to go the healthy and clean route rather than the fast and cheap food.

How I Manage My Nutrition:

  • Upon waking up, the first thing I have is my breakfast. My breakfast may vary from a Protein shake to Egg whites & Oatmeal along with a Protein shake, it depends if I am training early in the morning or just focusing on cardio, this is when you evaluate your goals and manage your nutrition according to your training.
  • Mid day I would have a snack, wether it be fruits, almonds, or another protein shake – keeping my body fueled up it’s super important to me for energy source and not letting my body starve itself.
  • After my mid day snack, I wait roughly about 2-3 hours until I have another meal which is considered my “first lunch” and I focus on this meal to have all my major macronutrients such as Carbs, Fats and of course Protein. I do not measure my food or protein intake but I make sure the portion control is just where it needs to be.
  • Shortly after my first lunch and 2 hours after I would be heading to the gym to train weights or cardio (It depends what I did in the morning) – I would have a pre work out snack, fruits, yogurt or something light that has the key ingredients to give me the energy throughout my session.
  • After my work out i focus on having my post work out shake and a meal, again focusing that the meal has the macronutrients such as carbs, proteins and healthy fats (avocado), mainly because it’s lighter and it will not make me feel super full before bed time. (Remember, everyones body is different, so what I eat may work for you or it may not work for you). But this is a simple approach to my nutrition regimen.
  • Balancing all of this aspects above can be challenging or easy, it’s the way you prepare yourself, you have the choice to pack your meals and snacks or the choice to find a local healthy joint to eat and still be on track with your nutrition.

Portion Control Approach – Nutrition:

If you are confused about portion control and how to manage your nutrition without the need of measuring – you can follow the guidelines below that will give you an idea on how to make sure your portion control is correct.

portion-control-chart-with-calories1(1)Now, lets cover the most important aspect – How to balance your food intake while being out.

Managing your nutrition while being out takes serious will of wanting something bad enough and in this case for you, it’s achieving the body of your dreams. We know there is hundreds of temptations outside for us as we walk around town and find multiple cheat meal places, but remember that once you’re in this lifestyle, it’s all about choices and you have to make the  right choice to eat better and cleaner foods. I would recommend the following:

  • Find a local healthy restaurant near you or your work place that know it’s fresh and healthy.
  • Once you have find your place, take the menu home and scan through it.
  • If the place has a large option of meals, side orders and more, you can try a new dish weekly during your lunch time. (This is great because you won’t get tired of eating the same meal over and over).
  • If you would like to make a few changes to the meal, don’t be afraid to ask because 95% of the time the restaurant will meet your request and if theres a bit of an extra charge, go for it.
  • Keep in mind most healthy restaurants and those who are aware of portion control, their portion aren’t very big but yet it will be satisfying because you won’t feel super full and you will regain energy.

Now that you know how to balance things out and have this key factors in mind to balance your nutrition while being out – you won’t have a problem on feeling side tracked from your goal. Remember it’s a choice, it’s a lifestyle and it’s a journey, you are in control of creating the best you, so make the right choice and you will be on your way to achieving success and the physique of your dreams.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.

Kettle Bell Endurance Training – Lower & Upper Body Strength.

Kettle Bell Endurance Training – Lower & Upper Body Strength.

Kettle Bells is one of the greatest fitness equipments out there and I am a big fan of the endless amount of great work outs you can do with them. However; being aware of the kettle bell weight you select it’s extremely important to avoid major injuries and of course, focusing on doing the exercise correctly. In today’s work out I will be bringing you an upper and lower body routine with kettle bells that will be targeting all major areas of your body such as: Legs, Gluteus, Biceps and Shoulders. This is a muscle strength routine that will help you build stamina and improve your cardiovascular endurance. It’s not easy but a great routine that will take your body to the next level if you aren’t feeling comfortable with this work out just yet, you can tailor this by doing it with dumbbells or resistance bands if you are a beginner.


About the work out & key advice for maximum results:

  • Before perfoming this routine – be sure to warm up your entire body. It’s an overall upper and lover body routine that requires you to be warm and stretched out, not stretching or warming up for this exercise will cause you to be in risk of injuries.
  • This type of routine is not a super set style – which means you will perform one exercise – rest 30 seconds in between and continue to do the rest of the exercise (Lower body first, upper body second).
  • The primary muscle being targeted when doing the lower body portion of this work out which is single leg walking lunges are your hamstrings and secondary muscle being targeted are your gluteus.
  • The primary muscle being targeted when doing the upper body portion of this work out are your biceps and secondary muscle are your shoulders.
  • Make sure you keep your core engage throughout every rep you do and throughout every exercise while doing lower and upper body work – Keeping your core engaged at all times will help you stay balanced and most of all – focusing on strengthening your core.

Reps & Sets per exercise & Fitness Level:

  • Beginner Routine: If you are a beginner and would like to try this exercise – Make sure you select a kettle bell that isn’t too heavy, pick the right weight that you can do without risking form and being in risk of injuries. Focus on doing 10 reps for Walking Lunges, 10 reps for bicep curls & 10 reps for shoulder pressing. Remember you can rest 60 seconds in between exercises until you are clear to do the next routine, the last two routines of the upper body are steady single leg lunge, so you will be taking a step forward and performing the curl – for the shoulder presses it will be the same approach, single leg lunge and shoulder press. The different on the upper body and not doing a walking lunge it’s that will be targeting most of your gluteus and calves.
  • Intermediate Routine: Pick the right weight that you can do without risking form and being in risk of injuries not heavy, not light but moderate weight. Focus on doing 20 reps for Walking Lunges, 20 reps for bicep curls & 20 reps for shoulder pressing. Remember you can rest 40 seconds in between exercises until you are clear to do the next routine, the last two routines of the upper body are steady single leg lunge, so you will be taking a step forward and performing the curl (Back To Back Lounge, up down – up down) – for the shoulder presses it will be the same approach, single leg lunge and shoulder press. The different on the upper body and not doing a walking lunge it’s that will be targeting most of your gluteus and calves.
  • Advanced Routine: This type of routine isn’t a muscle growth routine but geared towards strength and endurancepick the right weight that you can do without risking form and being in risk of injuries yet a challenging weight to keep you in the game but if you look at the rep range selecting a weight that you will be able to do for all the sets is the main aspect to get the most out of this advanced routine. Focus on doing 25 reps for Walking Lunges, 25 reps for bicep curls & 25 reps for shoulder pressing. Remember you can rest 30 seconds in between exercises until you are clear to do the next routine, the last two routines of the upper body are steady single leg lunge, so you will be taking a step forward and performing the curl (Back To Back Lounge, up down – up down – up down 3 total) – for the shoulder presses it will be the same approach, single leg lunge and shoulder press. The different on the upper body and not doing a walking lunge it’s that will be targeting most of your gluteus and calves.

If you have any questions regarding this great & challenging work out – Be sure to leave them down below and I will assist you.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.

Squat & Lunges – Lower Body Tune up Smith Machine.

Squat & Lunges – Lower Body Tune up Smith Machine.

It’s time to train that lower body and maximize those gains you are trying to achieve. Throughout my time in the fitness industry I have been aware that not many people are a fan of training legs and their lower body, it is definitely one of the most neglected body parts in general but training your lower body will indeed bring you great results in the long run. Lets talk about the great benefits of training legs before i begin to share this great routine that I implement into my lower body training days. Working out your lower body is vital in many ways – why? Because when you train your legs your upper body will be stronger and your strength will increase, training your legs will also improve your other lift while doing compound movements and overall cardiovascular endurance routines. While the aftermath of training legs may cause you to be very sore, don’t take it in a way that you will neglect legs because of the feelings it causes you to have. Being sore is a great thing and it also means that you’re making progress and your body has been stimulated in a way that it hasn’t been trained before – so keeping your body guessing while training legs will also help you make gains and overall upper body improvements.


How to break up your leg training routine:

  • Always evaluate your current goal and what are you trying to achieve. Remember to have a work out plan that you will follow where the lower body is being targeted at least twice a week.
  • You can break down your leg training routines by doing two lower body parts one day of the week & two days after two extra lower body parts. Example: Quads & Calves / Hamstrings & Thighs.
  • Be aware of the weight you lift each and everyday when training lower body and write it down, this will help you monitor your improvements & the strength you have gained since your first time training legs.
  • Be sure to keep your body guessing and implement different lower body work outs – such as low weight and high reps, high weight and low reps and even body weight movements with different gym equipment.
  • As per usual, be sure to stretch before, during and after your lower body work out this will ensure that the soreness won’t be as bad and will keep your lactic acid build up to a minimum & of course, train smart

About the work out & Muscles being targeted: Gluteus, quads, hamstrings & calves.

  • This type of work out is considered a Muscle Endurance work out – Where the weight is light and the reps are high.
  • You will only be resting a minimum of 50-60 seconds between sets – Testing your cardiovascular endurance while also stimulating lower body strength.
  • You will perform the first exercise (Squats) followed by Single Leg Lunges when done performing the first exercise.
  • The reps will be 20 per legs when doing lunges and 20 repetitions of squats – If you cannot do the reps, decrease it to a weight you feel comfortable on doing.
  • Be selective about the weight you choose, it’s not a routine thats meant to be lifted with heavy weight but geared towards endurance and overall cardiovascular approach.

Advice for maximum results:

  • Be sure to stretch before, during and after your work out – The lower body needs to be warm and prepared for the session to avoid major injuries.
  • Do controlled and slow paced repetitions, remember it’s not a race – Engage every muscle group through the reps being performed.
  • You can do this exercise without smith machine but I recommend it for this because it’s a superset style work out and the smith machine will help you get the most out of each set without sacrificing forms and keep you away from injuries.
  • Do not hunch your back forward when squatting and lunging that will prevent you from targeting the muscle group thats meant to be targeted so keep your back straight at all times.
  • The Lunges it’s a great exercise that targets your gluteus and quadriceps.
  • Engaged your core through every rep.

If you have any questions regarding this routine – please leave your questions down below and i will assist you.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.

Nutrition & Fitness – The Basics.

Nutrition & Fitness – The Basics. 

We know nutrition plays a big roll within the Health and Fitness lifestyle and what we put into our body does matter in the long run – this doesn’t mean we gotta eat perfect every single 365 days of the year, but I do mean it that everything is about balance so you can enjoy the journey and stay focused through it without feeling trapped and restricted from the favorite foods you like to eat or treat yourself with on a night out with friends and family. How to manage your nutrition is the most important factor of a successful journey within the quest of achieving the body of your dreams. Many people tend to feel trapped and insecure of what they can and cannot eat and even concerned if they have a bite of something “not healthy” they think it’s going to stop them from their ultimate goal. It’s not true and you sure can enjoy a treat meal here and there and be perfectly fine to continue your journey. Now let’s begin sharing key information thats going to make your journey enjoyable and most of all, achievable!!

531068_509102975780907_460016789_nBasic nutrition fundamentals to keep in mind throughout your journey:

  • Know what you are working towards and evaluate your goal. Do not follow someone else’s nutrition plan, because chances are, their goal is different and 100% their approach to fitness is different than yours. Stick to a plan that will work for you and what you are training for.
  • Set yourself a day in which you can enjoy a cheat day also known as a treat meal – Where you can enjoy either a dessert or a pizza or a hamburger, the choice of yours. This will help you kill and control the craving of wanting those food “everyday”. It will also set you up to start the week strong and get back into your clean and healthy nutrition plan.
  • Be flexible, do not eat the same sources of protein everyday – it is what causes people to get “sick of the diet”, remember it’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change and you have to make the necessary changes to enjoy it so find protein sources you like and mix them up weekly.
  • Be realistic about your goal and don’t settle just for the easy way out of “kill the hunger pills” changing your nutrition is for the better and of course it will be hard – but after some time it will be the best your decision you have ever made – feeling new and cleaner on the inside.
  • Remember they are a variety of nutrition sources such as: Carbs (Simple & Complex), Protein, Fats and making sure you consume each of those sources in your meal are vital for progress and overall longevity of your journey.
  • Portion control – It’s important to not overflow the plate with food, eat in a way that you will be “full” yet satisfied without feeling like you’re going to explode. I have shown my meal as an example: 2 Cups of rice, a couple asparagus and about 12 Oz of Salmon, this is according to my goal and you will be able to determine yours depending your objective and overall approach.

Nutrition overall is the foundation of everything in terms of Health and Fitness. I highly advice that you make the necessary changes in your life to live better, feel better and perform better. As you implement the changes and have done it weeks after weeks, it will get easier and most of all you will be feeling better. Keep it interesting, be creative with your meals and most of all – stay focused throughout the journey.

Incase of any questions regarding nutrition – leave them down below & I will assist you in any way I can.

Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.