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Nutrition & Fitness – The Basics. 

We know nutrition plays a big roll within the Health and Fitness lifestyle and what we put into our body does matter in the long run – this doesn’t mean we gotta eat perfect every single 365 days of the year, but I do mean it that everything is about balance so you can enjoy the journey and stay focused through it without feeling trapped and restricted from the favorite foods you like to eat or treat yourself with on a night out with friends and family. How to manage your nutrition is the most important factor of a successful journey within the quest of achieving the body of your dreams. Many people tend to feel trapped and insecure of what they can and cannot eat and even concerned if they have a bite of something “not healthy” they think it’s going to stop them from their ultimate goal. It’s not true and you sure can enjoy a treat meal here and there and be perfectly fine to continue your journey. Now let’s begin sharing key information thats going to make your journey enjoyable and most of all, achievable!!

531068_509102975780907_460016789_nBasic nutrition fundamentals to keep in mind throughout your journey:

  • Know what you are working towards and evaluate your goal. Do not follow someone else’s nutrition plan, because chances are, their goal is different and 100% their approach to fitness is different than yours. Stick to a plan that will work for you and what you are training for.
  • Set yourself a day in which you can enjoy a cheat day also known as a treat meal – Where you can enjoy either a dessert or a pizza or a hamburger, the choice of yours. This will help you kill and control the craving of wanting those food “everyday”. It will also set you up to start the week strong and get back into your clean and healthy nutrition plan.
  • Be flexible, do not eat the same sources of protein everyday – it is what causes people to get “sick of the diet”, remember it’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change and you have to make the necessary changes to enjoy it so find protein sources you like and mix them up weekly.
  • Be realistic about your goal and don’t settle just for the easy way out of “kill the hunger pills” changing your nutrition is for the better and of course it will be hard – but after some time it will be the best your decision you have ever made – feeling new and cleaner on the inside.
  • Remember they are a variety of nutrition sources such as: Carbs (Simple & Complex), Protein, Fats and making sure you consume each of those sources in your meal are vital for progress and overall longevity of your journey.
  • Portion control – It’s important to not overflow the plate with food, eat in a way that you will be “full” yet satisfied without feeling like you’re going to explode. I have shown my meal as an example: 2 Cups of rice, a couple asparagus and about 12 Oz of Salmon, this is according to my goal and you will be able to determine yours depending your objective and overall approach.

Nutrition overall is the foundation of everything in terms of Health and Fitness. I highly advice that you make the necessary changes in your life to live better, feel better and perform better. As you implement the changes and have done it weeks after weeks, it will get easier and most of all you will be feeling better. Keep it interesting, be creative with your meals and most of all – stay focused throughout the journey.

Incase of any questions regarding nutrition – leave them down below & I will assist you in any way I can.

Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.