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Squat & Lunges – Lower Body Tune up Smith Machine.

It’s time to train that lower body and maximize those gains you are trying to achieve. Throughout my time in the fitness industry I have been aware that not many people are a fan of training legs and their lower body, it is definitely one of the most neglected body parts in general but training your lower body will indeed bring you great results in the long run. Lets talk about the great benefits of training legs before i begin to share this great routine that I implement into my lower body training days. Working out your lower body is vital in many ways – why? Because when you train your legs your upper body will be stronger and your strength will increase, training your legs will also improve your other lift while doing compound movements and overall cardiovascular endurance routines. While the aftermath of training legs may cause you to be very sore, don’t take it in a way that you will neglect legs because of the feelings it causes you to have. Being sore is a great thing and it also means that you’re making progress and your body has been stimulated in a way that it hasn’t been trained before – so keeping your body guessing while training legs will also help you make gains and overall upper body improvements.


How to break up your leg training routine:

  • Always evaluate your current goal and what are you trying to achieve. Remember to have a work out plan that you will follow where the lower body is being targeted at least twice a week.
  • You can break down your leg training routines by doing two lower body parts one day of the week & two days after two extra lower body parts. Example: Quads & Calves / Hamstrings & Thighs.
  • Be aware of the weight you lift each and everyday when training lower body and write it down, this will help you monitor your improvements & the strength you have gained since your first time training legs.
  • Be sure to keep your body guessing and implement different lower body work outs – such as low weight and high reps, high weight and low reps and even body weight movements with different gym equipment.
  • As per usual, be sure to stretch before, during and after your lower body work out this will ensure that the soreness won’t be as bad and will keep your lactic acid build up to a minimum & of course, train smart

About the work out & Muscles being targeted: Gluteus, quads, hamstrings & calves.

  • This type of work out is considered a Muscle Endurance work out – Where the weight is light and the reps are high.
  • You will only be resting a minimum of 50-60 seconds between sets – Testing your cardiovascular endurance while also stimulating lower body strength.
  • You will perform the first exercise (Squats) followed by Single Leg Lunges when done performing the first exercise.
  • The reps will be 20 per legs when doing lunges and 20 repetitions of squats – If you cannot do the reps, decrease it to a weight you feel comfortable on doing.
  • Be selective about the weight you choose, it’s not a routine thats meant to be lifted with heavy weight but geared towards endurance and overall cardiovascular approach.

Advice for maximum results:

  • Be sure to stretch before, during and after your work out – The lower body needs to be warm and prepared for the session to avoid major injuries.
  • Do controlled and slow paced repetitions, remember it’s not a race – Engage every muscle group through the reps being performed.
  • You can do this exercise without smith machine but I recommend it for this because it’s a superset style work out and the smith machine will help you get the most out of each set without sacrificing forms and keep you away from injuries.
  • Do not hunch your back forward when squatting and lunging that will prevent you from targeting the muscle group thats meant to be targeted so keep your back straight at all times.
  • The Lunges it’s a great exercise that targets your gluteus and quadriceps.
  • Engaged your core through every rep.

If you have any questions regarding this routine – please leave your questions down below and i will assist you.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.

Biceps & Forearms work – Superset style.

Biceps & Forearms work – Superset style. 

Are you short on time and willing to make the most of your time in the gym when training arms? Well you’re in the right place. Today, I will be sharing with you one of my favorite arm routines that will help you maximize not only your results but make the most out of the time you’ve got at the time. Supersets work great because you are doing more than one exercise at once shortly after finishing one, it also helps you improve your overall cardiovascular endurance and strength, so if you haven’t tried this method of training before – I highly recommend you do so.

BicepsIf you are in the quest of muscle building this is the work out for you and of course, it works just as great if you are on a maintaining phase which means muscle endurance – but I will get into that shortly and the necessary changes you have to make in order to manipulate this work out according to your goal. Muscle building phase of this work out will challenge you to lift heavy weight with limited reps, remember do not sacrifice form to lift heavy and be in risk of injuries but do lift a weight that will challenge you while keeping sound and clean form and if you cannot do it, don’t be afraid to drop the weight because as you will get stronger you will be able to achieve the weight you’re trying to lift. I will discuss the rep ranges on the breakdown of the training method down below.

For those focusing on muscle endurance, this will be a different approach than those willing to gain muscle mass. Muscle strength falls into the category of lifting for higher reps and with a limited number of sets. What do I mean by higher rep range? This method will help you gain & keep solid strength while also focusing on overall cardiovascular endurance, taking your heart rate to another level and improving your overall stamina. The rep range may vary for some, but normally 15-20 with a max of 25 reps is ok for each exercise. The weight management doesn’t have to be very heavy or very light, just a weight that will keep you challenged but a weight that you’re able to achieve for the desire reps you’re willing to do without sacrificing form.

Workout advice & techniques.

  • You will be performing for the first exercise the overhand grip for the forearms, keeping the arms tucked in to your side without flaring them out – this will help you target the primary muscle which is your forearms and secondary muscle being your biceps.
  • Once finished with the forearms exercise, proceed to do the following exercise which is the regular and well known Bicep Curls – again make sure to keep your elbows tucked in and don’t flare them out, when flaring the elbows you won’t be able to target the primary muscle and will sacrifice form and most of all, being in risk of injuries.
  • Make sure to keep your core tight throughout every set and reps you do. Keeping your core engaged at all times will help you activate your core and most of all – keep you balanced throughout every rep.
  • You can perform this exercise with either dumbbells or with machine with cables like shown on the photo – Either way you will be able to get the same benefits of the work out. Dumbbells are more challenging and draining because they aren’t attached like cables are and if you want the extra challenge – I highly recommend it, I’ve done both and it works great.

Reps & Sets depending your fitness goal:

  • Muscle Strength: 10-12 reps | Sets of: 5 | 1 Minute Rest.
  • Muscle Endurance: 15-20 max 25 reps | Sets of: 4 | 60 Second Rest.
  • Evaluate what are you trying to achieve before performing the exercise, if you are unsure of your goal – doing either of the work out methods provided won’t hurt you – If you keep your body guessing with new and effective routines you will have better chances of reaching your goal and the body of your dreams.

Incase of any questions and confusion throughout this exercise – leave your questions down below.

Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

Connect with John | Facebook & Twitter.